>_ Badini Rachid Rodrigue

Fullstack {Typescript} developer

What am I doing now?

  • >_ I deepen my knowledge about React Native's internals
  • >_ I am building my own shell for fun:
  • >_ I currently work at Gandyam Ligdi and am building a mobile wallet in React Native
  • >_ I enjoy life

My services

Next.js & React Frontend Development

I have a solid foundation in React.js and can help you build nice looking websites. No matter how challenging your UI, just trust me.

React Native Mobile Development

With this awesome tool, I can build for you beautiful mobile apps with crisp UI, very quickly and so, with limited cost.

Typescript Nest.js Backend Development

Nest.js became my backend framework of choice for my projects. Whether you want a REST or GraphQL API, I can build one for you.


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